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Present a whole new perspective of your properties to buyers through top-notch, quality visuals. Rising to the top in the Lehigh Valley for property visuals, we create real estate media in a way that rivals traditional styles. We do this by carefully conceptualizing, staging, shooting and editing photos and videos to create that warm welcoming feeling that leads potential buyers to see your property as a home rather than just a house, which turns them into guaranteed buyers.


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 why us?

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There are lots of real estate photographers, so why pick us ? Glad you asked. You see, we aren't actually providing real estate imagery... We're upping the game more than that and giving realtors architectural photography and cinematic video. What is the difference? With real estate photography you'll find that the images are simply about one thing: documentation. As long as the room is captured that's all that matters. We don't believe in this type of work because it neglects feeling, attention to light, composition, angles and staging. We want an image to take people’s breath away. It needs to be an experience. Architectural photography is excruciatingly detail-oriented and precise, and it blows people away. What about video though? A video is just a moving slideshow right? No, not really. There's “good” and then there's “cinematic”. Much like the photography, it's all about the experience, and we don't slack with video either. We shoot on a high-end camera and drone in 4K and put a lot of effort into the final look of the video, through color grading, hand-picked music and a professionally scripted voiceover.  Do these things set it apart from the competitors? The answer to that is an earth-shattering yes.



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A full exterior/interior shoot with our signature shooting style. This style takes careful planning and conceptualization for the shots and utilizes a demanding editing process, fixing imperfections and swapping a plain sky with a beautiful one, giving each photo that warm, welcoming look that emotionally attracts a buyer, yet still provides honest images.

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The same photography services as the Premium package, but with 4 aerial photos included. Great for when the house has a beautiful surrounding area or impressive landscaping to show off.


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This is the ideal package when you want it all and you want the best for your clients. You get the following:

Premium Photography.
HD video tour of home.
Aerial photography and video.


other services we offer:


Social Media Kit

A great add-on tool for increasing your marketing on Social Media. We take the content we shoot from your listing and set it up as a custom designed and formatted post for Instagram, Facebook and other platforms, keeping your social media accounts looking sleek and increasing your reach to potential buyers and clients.

Instead of having to worry about the best way to fit your incredible photos into your next Instagram or Facebook post, we will take care of it for you in a swipable single story.


Head Shots

Need to update your head shots with something sleek and modern? Was your current headshot taken on a cell phone or point and shoot digital camera? We've got you covered. We travel to your office with lighting and backdrops and take professional shots that will make you stand out in the best way possible. Our turnaround time is fast too, meaning you'll get those classy new shots right away.

If you'd like a different location for your shoot such as outside at a park or downtown in an urban setting, we can accommodate that, however the rate may change and delivery time may be slightly affected. Best of all, there is no photo limit: you will receive however many shots we feel are perfect and represent you in the best way.

Plus: Flyer & business card design, Pre-listing packets, Signage and printable marketing materials, office photography, custom videos, testimonials and much more…

We let the results speak for themselves:

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Note: if you are a new customer, please read our guidelines and FAQs Below before hiring us

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Please be aware that while we try to book your preferred date, we sometimes cannot due to a busy schedule Spring thru Fall. We appreciate your willingness to be flexible. 


Frequently asked questions:
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Why aren't your prices online?

We keep our pricing hidden due to competitors. The pricing also occasionally changes depending on the job. To get the most current pricing structure simply give us a call at 856-649-2692 or email us at!

What happens if I paid for a job and the weather is bad?

We try to keep an eye on the weather but sometimes it throws a curve ball. We will either reschedule the shoot, refund you your money back or forward it to a future shoot. Your choice.

How long does it take to shoot a property?

We tell realtors to notify homeowners that we will probably be there two hours for photography or four hours for photos and video. Depending on the size of the property, the cleanliness of it and a number of other conditions it could take longer or shorter. This is also for a standard size home. If it is a large luxury property the time will be considerably longer.

Why do you only shoot up to 25 photos? Why not more?

We feel that 1 good shot per room is better than 5 shots. People don’t want to scroll through endless photos. However many rooms are in a property is typically what we’ll shoot, plus 2-4 exterior shots. If we reach 25 photos and there are more opportunities at the property for more shots, we will take additional shots for $15 per shot. Most properties don't have enough appealing sections for extras. Please let us know prior to the shoot if you’d like us to try and get extra shots. We don’t guarantee this but we can try.

I got a finished video and I'd like to make changes. Can I do that?

Yes, however any additional edit costs $75. This is a very time-consuming process, regardless of how “small” the edit is, so you will be charged for them. If there are certain parts of a property you don't want in the video, please tell us before we shoot! We also cannot send you a “preview” of the video prior to it being finished and uploaded. We shoot each room a couple times in different ways so that we have the best options to make a perfect cut. We realize you may have some differences though, and will re-edit if it is necessary. Editing the video yourself is strictly prohibited.

How can I access my photos when they are ready?

You will have a personal password-protected page on our website once you start using us. When you log in you’ll find a preview of the home and a link to download them. They are up for 7 days. After that the link expires. Please download them within that timeframe, however if you missed it just let us know and we will put it up for you again briefly. Keep in mind the link is only for downloading the photos, NOT for directing people to look at them there.

How many properties are you able to shoot in one day?

We will shoot up to 2 properties in a day. We do not go beyond that number so that we have the proper time to go through the images/videos back at the office.

What is the average turnaround time to get the content?

We keep turnaround times down to 2-4 days for photos and 2-5 days for videos, per project. If we can deliver faster than that we will, but it all depends on our workload and how many properties are being shot, in the order they come to us.

What if I need the photos the next day? Can I pay for the edit to be expedited?

We simply don’t offer this due to the amount of work we get.

When does your pricing change due to the home's size?

Our pricing is for standard homes of 3000 square feet or less (including finished basements). Large homes that are 3100-5000+ square feet are priced slightly different, and luxury homes that are larger require a pre-shoot discussion.