“it’s not about taking pictures. it’s about being present in the moment.”

Weddings are such a unique experience where you have this special day that will happen only once, family and friends are there, you say your vows and - just like that - you're married.
Crazy! We understand this experience is backed up with stress, worry and picking out where to put certain family members so WWIII doesn't happen. We also know that finding a
photographer who just "gets it" can be such a hassle and pain in the behind by itself, not to mention incredibly time consuming.

It's ok! Take a deep breath for a moment............ did you? Ok, there's nothing to worry about when working with us, we've been through it ourselves and want to make it a blast of an
experience for you. When you work with us, you aren't just getting photographers who are there to snap away and do a job, you're getting a fun couple who communicate with you,
plan with you, and make sure to get the perfect shots that you'll enjoy looking back on for years to come. This is the most important day of your life, and we treat it that way. 



about us.


My name is Alex and I'm the owner of our studio. My wife Molly helps co-run the studio and goes out on larger shoots with me, assisting as a second photographer. Combined we have 15+ years of experience, and we work great together on shoots because we're married! We've gone through all of this ourselves and we try to make working with us your best experience in the wedding planning process. Our most important goal is to make you ecstatic by creating jaw-dropping visuals that blow you and your family away. Everyone deserves superb photography, and your wedding is when it counts the most. 


we are laid back and fun.

You probably have a few questions for us. Awesome! We are 100% transparent and want you to know exactly what you are getting with us. We only shoot a few weddings each year, keeping the number low so that we can put immense focus and detail into each one. 







what areas do you cover in Pennsylvania? 

We are located in Orefield, PA (15 minutes North of Allentown), however we will travel to any location in PA that you plan on holding your wedding at! We even travel out of state, so you have nothing to worry about.


what's your style of photography?

We like to keep the experience modern and fun while presenting a product that is elegant, timeless and pays homage to high-end film photography. This is no longer the 80's when photographs had limitations. Results are endless now, and we embrace that. We enjoy capturing the tiny things that make your wedding unique, adding a flair that is fun, creative and memorable. We don't forget about emotions either, as we make sure to snap away when the laughter rolls in, or the tears of joy fall. We are there for it all.


do we have the opportunity to request specific shots?

Absolutely! This is your wedding. Your photographs should be how you want them to be, and we make sure that is the case. We will sit down with you and talk weeks before the big day so that everyone is on the same page and there are no worries about what we are and aren't shooting.


are we able to make payments?

We are flexible with you and offer a payment system if you are currently up against a financial wall. The full cost can be broken up into sections, however we do need the full amount 24hrs prior to the wedding.

do you shoot wedding videos?

Unfortunately we do not. Our reasoning behind this decision is two-fold: (1) We shoot our video work on a large bulky cinema camera that takes up space and can't be inconspicuous, plus it costs a lot to use this gear and edit the content. (2) We typically film sets and controlled situations where we can do multiple takes. This obviously cannot be done with a wedding. We feel there are other people out there who do wedding videos full-time and are way more amazing at it than us. If all you need is a short film of the ceremony, we are open to helping, but for full wedding day videos we suggest searching for someone who does this full-time.


our package.


Two photographers.
A pre-planning consultation. 
Attendance & participation in the rehearsal.
Shooting all the events on the wedding day.
Editing the photos (every photo, not just a few!).
Delivering the photos on a thumbdrive, in a custom box.



"why just one package?"

Well, there's a reason! This is the best we can provide, and we don't want to offer less than the best.
We used to offer a package with a single photographer, but some shots were missed and things were more complicated.
Why do that? Silly right? So we've provided the very best option we can, and made it more affordable. Costs are for a "full day" (8hrs).
$150/hr after 8hrs. Additional expenses (gas, tolls, parking, airfare, rentals, hotel, etc.) may be included.


want to chat with us about your big day?

Wonderful! We are honored you are interested in hiring us for the biggest moment of your lives. Let's chat! If you click on the button below, or the "Contact" tab you can fill out an email and send it directly to me and we will take things from there! Thank you so much! We look forward to talking.