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let's bring awareness to our local fire companies

it's time to impact those who impact us every day


welcome to year one

If you don't know us, we are a creative studio in the Lehigh Valley that focuses on startups, small businesses and organizations. The founder of the studio was a volunteer for a fire dept. for over 5 years. He came up with this idea a year ago, and this is the very start of that idea.


featuring our heroes

The idea is very simple: Put our local heroes in the spotlight. We are offering local volunteer fire companies the opportunity to get professional photography of their fine men, women and stations. The department doesn't pay a dime.


how we need your help

Your involvement is crucial in helping us decide which stations to work with each year. You tell us which dept. deserves awesome photography and we will pick 5 each year to shoot. We intend to make this an annual act of kindness, so the list can be endless, though we ask to keep it within the Lehigh Valley for now.


the rundown

The plan is straightforward. You simply pick which department deserves recognition, and we tally all the votes. The 5 departments with the most votes will be chosen, at which point we will reach out to them and offer the shoot. Should they accept the offer, we will plan a date with them, come out and do a session of their members, trucks and stations, and then deliver the shots to them as well as host them here.

longterm goals

Ultimately our goal is to grow this service into a larger community in which other local businesses will contribute something to the chosen departments. We'd also like to see news and radio stations join in and feature the chosen departments. We are confident this can all be done with your help by spreading the word.



suit up and jump in

5 Chosen fire companies

go one step further

Want to dig deeper and help even more? Wonderful, here's exactly how you can do that:

  • Share this page on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Print out our poster below and put it up at your place of employment, organization or somewhere else.
  • Copy our Instagram sharables below and post them with the hashtag #VisualDispatch.
  • Let local news outlets like 69 News & Morning Call know about Visual Dispatch.
  • Own a local business and want to get involved? Let us know, we'd love to get additional businesses involved and contributing in some way.
  • Donate to the cause: If you'd like to donate money you can, and we will use it for distribution of posters and buying gift cards for the fire depts.


On computer: Right click and hit "Save image as..."  |  On mobile device: Tap and hold image to save to files.


Printable poster

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"Why did you decide to do this?"
StraightEdge Media's founder, Alex Cook, volunteered at Lyons Fire Co. 35 for over 5 years. He decided to give back in a way you don't often see: Imagery.
"How exactly does this benefit the fire department?"
By providing them with professional images, they have material to use for marketing and spreading awareness, along with wonderful photos the men and women can print and frame at home for their families. These images can be used in both personal and professional ways.
"Why only the Lehigh Valley?"
Because that's where our studio is located and where we live! We want to give back to our community and the people who protect it. We may eventually widen our reach for this cause, but for now we are keeping it close to home.
"If I vote, will you save my information and send me spam?"
No, we will never save your info and contact you about our services because of this cause. If you do wish to learn about us and inquire more about what we do, feel free to click on the "About Us" link at the top of this website.
"How long does this go for?"
We currently intend to begin the voting on Dec. 2nd and keep it open until Jan. 31st. We will then contact the chosen departments and do their shoots Feb-Mar. 
"We are a business/organization/news outlet that wants to get involved. Who do we contact?"
If you'd like to become a partner, please forward your requests to and put "Visual dispatch" in the subject line.