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Present a whole new perspective of your properties to buyers through top-notch quality photography & video. We create real estate media in a way that rivals traditional styles by carefully conceptualizing, staging, shooting and editing the photos/video to create that warm welcoming feeling that leads buyers to see your property as a home rather than just a house, and turns them into guaranteed buyers.


you only get one chance to make a first impression... through us you'll stand out with your photos, videos & material.


why us?

There are lots of real estate photographers, so why pick us ? Glad you asked. You see, we aren't actually providing real estate imagery... We're upping the game more than that and giving realtors architectural photography and cinematic video. What is the difference? With real estate photography you'll find that the images are simply about one thing: documentation. As long as the room is shot that's all that matters. We don't believe in this type of work because it neglects feeling, attention to light, composition, angles and staging. We want people to lose their breath when they see a photo. It needs to be an experience. Architectural photography is excruciatingly detail-oriented and precise, and it blows people away. We think that is better... Don't you?

What about video though? A video is just moving photos right? Well, no not really. There's good and then there's cinematic. Much like the photography, it's all about the experience, and we don't slack with video either. We shoot on a true Hollywood motion picture camera and a high-end drone in 4K and put a lot of effort into the final look of the video, through color grading, hand-picked music and a professionally scripted voiceover.  Do these things set it apart from the competitors? The answer to that is an earth-shattering yes.

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perfect options.

We have worked very hard to offer the best options for realtors so that you don't have to scratch your head and figure out the ideal
combo until your eyes glaze over. We've done all of that for you and now have a great menu for 2018.


silver package photography

Our Silver Package consists of a full exterior/interior shoot, making sure to capture great angles of important rooms such as the kitchen, master bed and bath. The shots are then lightly retouched and edited, correcting small issues and making sure the shots are highly appealing to the viewer. You receive up to 25 shots, delivered online*.


gold package photography [most popular]

Our Gold Package consists of a full exterior/interior shoot, in which we apply our superior shooting style which is normally reserved for high-end architectural magazine shoots. This style takes careful planning and conceptualization for the shots, roughly 2hrs of shooting, and demanding editing and retouching, fixing things such as nails in walls, annoying cords, swapping a dreary sky with beautiful sunsets, and giving each photo that warm welcoming look that emotionally attracts a buyer. These shots have driven roughly a 300% increase in showings for some realtors. You receive up to 25 shots, delivered online*.


drone services: "bird's eye"  & "flyby" add-ons

Aerial views are a very special weapon when applied to real estate. Give buyers a whole new perspective they could never get any other way. Drones provide a current up close and personal view of a home from above, helping map out the whole property**. For 2018 we offer 2 add-on packages you can include in your order:

  1. "Bird's Eye" - If you'd like 2-4 additional exterior photos of the property from above, this is it. For a small additional cost you can choose between 2 aerial photos or 4, and we will shoot them alongside your photo package. Just like with the Silver and Gold photos, we will edit the aerial images so that the grass looks green and any unwanted annoyances such as trash cans and playsets are edited out of the yard.
  2. "Flyby" - Want to add a quick aerial video teaser of a property to your package without ordering a full video tour? Our Flyby add-on is your perfect solution. In addition to your photo package, we will bring our drone out and shoot a few videos of the property from above, cutting it into a 20-60 second video perfect for social media marketing. This is the perfect option for a home that's not quite nice enough for a full video, but has a great exterior or surrounding area.
full pkg.png

the elite package [best deal]

This is the best deal we offer for realtors. When you know you want it all and you want the best for your sellers, this is the absolute best bang for your buck. By ordering the Elite package, you get the following:

  • Gold Package Photography.
  • HD video tour of home with music and custom scripted voiceover narration.
  • Aerial photography (4 shots) and video (edited into the video tour).

This is a new package we are now offering in 2018, due to the realization that many realtors wanted photos and video, but did not need Hollywood quality video. We met in the middle, offering gorgeous quality HD video at a fraction of the price, allowing us to offer a deal that's hard to say no to.

red pkg.png

"hollywood" video package

Our "Hollywood" package is for when you want to go big. This is the perfect video option for a luxurious mansion or home with numerous custom pieces. We bring our RED cinematic camera (yes, a true Motion Picture camera) and film everything in 4K, delivering a sharp high-detail HD video that looks straight out of a movie. We also bring our drone along and shoot clean 4K aerial video of the exterior. When it comes to editing we script the information for the property and include professional narration along with music. We also cut a 15 second teaser of the video in 9:16 ratio upon request, for realtors who share listings on Instagram's "Stories" platform. No one else in this part of Pennsylvania offers such a package for homes. If you want a specific property to look like it came straight out of the movies, this is how it'll happen. 


head shot portrait session

Need to update your head shots with something sleek and modern, getting away from the outdated  photo you've had far too long? We've got you covered. We can travel to your office with studio lighting and backdrops and take professional shots that will make you stand out. Our turnaround time is fast too, meaning you'll get those classy new shots right away. This is a realtor-only special price. If you'd like a different location for your shoot such as outside at a park or urban setting, we can accomodate that, however the rate may change and delivery time may be slightly affected. There is not a photo limit: you will receive however many shots we took that we felt were quality enough for delivery. No holds, no extra charge. Simple.


please ask for pricing

*     Additional $20 for delivery on thumb drive | If there is a 30+ minute drive to the property there will be additional travel costs applied.
**  For drone aerial work please note that we may not be able to provide this service in some areas that are restricted, such as near airports.


request a package.

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Notes: We do not arrive at home earlier than 10am. Shoots are typically 2hrs long and depending on property size can take longer or shorter.
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