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Signature Lightroom presets that give your professional images the final touch.


Welcome to Memoriae.

Hello! My name is Alex, photographer and filmmaker of 10+ years. Welcome to my handcrafted collection. Memoriae is a set of 20  gorgeous presets for Lightroom specially made for multiple aesthetic looks, to give you a starting point while not taking total control away from the creative process.


While most presets are built with a "one-click-edit" style, mine are intended to be a great starting point to a final product you can still put your own spin on and call your own. I always felt instant grades were a bit cheap, pulling the artist away from thinking about their art. I want you to make alterations, think outside the box and get the exact look you want.

Simply put, these are a great start to a final grade. Apply a preset, mess around with it, change the brightness or hues until you dig it. Don't just apply it and move to the next shot right away. These will get you 90% of the way there, but put that final 10% into it until you feel solid about it. That's how presets should be, and that's how mine work.

That's how presets should be,
and that's how mine work.

It would be pretty easy for me to babble on about how amazing and useful these presets are, but I'm a bit biased and that would make me come off as a little self-serving! Take a look below at some before/after examples to see for yourself how these could be applied.


Before & After Examples:




20 PRESETS IN TOTAL: Amare | Asthetika Cold | Asthetica Warm | Avem | Cecidimus | Ferrum Cursor | Glacies | Interitus | Libertas | Modus | Parco | Pulchra Sono 1, 2 & 3 | Silva | Subitis |Tonsorem 1 & 2 | Urba Portum 1 & 2


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The Memoriae Collection
$15 (Black Friday price!)

*Digital download, not physical product*


To place an order, simply hit the "Buy Now" button. Once the payment goes through I’ll send you a custom link to the collection.
It could possibly be a couple hours before you get a link via email. That's it!

black friday


** Please keep in mind this collection is for Lightroom only, not Photoshop or any other application. Resale/distribution of these presets is prohibited. **

Make sure to use the hashtag "#memoriaepreset" in your posts so I can see your results and share!



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Thank you!

Please let others know about these presets. I'm just one dude, so the more people talking about these the better!
Also, if you end up using these please tag me or use the hashtag! I'd love to see what you do with them.