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Meet locals Jay and Debbie. Super awesome people who just have a passion for making crafty things. They had started making candles and were starting to get pretty good at it, so they wanted to go to the next step and get the word out. That's where we come in. We talked with them about their brand and the tone they wanted to portray to the world, trying to get an idea what client base they were hoping to attract. After we honed in on the artsy vintage craft look they wanted, we scripted and filmed a commercial that spoke who they were to people.

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As time has continued on, people have strayed away from mom's good old cooking and those classic items every home had for decades. People wanted new, modern sterile looking items in their homes. That has changed though as people are starting to see the value and nostalgia of handcrafted items, and now they seek it out. Jay and Debbie banked on this with their candles, showing how vintage can be made modern and trendy. We knew the commercial had to reflect this aspect of their business, magnifying the quality of what they make "on the farm", but it was also incredibly important to bridge that with the modern world, showing how their candles are perfect for the contemporary home.

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To create an ad that connected people with their products in a refreshing way that stirred nostalgia and enjoyment together. The commercial needed to visualize the past, but fuse it with the present. The concept was to show the process of how they are made and how much care goes into each one, varying in unique sizes and scents. The final shots connected the gap of being made in a small whimsical cabin with handcrafted love, to sitting on a typical modern kitchen counter.

local growth:


"it looks amazing and we love it so much. We watch it over and over again. The flow is perfect and we really like how the candle prepping shots change between the different size jars. The whole thing is super cool."

- Jay & Debbie

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• Researching the brand and their likes and dislikes.
• Creating a solid script and storyline that encapsulates the business.
• Finding a location & props that fit the theme and producing the content.
• Cutting the project in a perfectly paced momentum with coloring and music to match.


• Video drew 3x more business to Hilltop than before.
• Hilltop rapidly received orders, allowing them to expand their product line.
• Hilltop was able to open a brick 'n' mortar store successfully. 
• The video is future-proof, allowing them to continually monetize from it.


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