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Meet Eric, a realtor for Remax Central located in Allentown. Like many realtors, he found himself in a challenging position marketing himself to potential buyers and sellers. The Lehigh Valley has had a roller coaster of ups and downs with the housing market, and it has been tough staying on solid ground. Due to hundreds of agents within multiple local offices, he needed to stand apart somehow. Eric came to us back in 2015 in need of real estate photography. He explained his troubles and how he had used a previous photographer who completely stopped doing work for him.

services provided: 
photography, design, print.



establishing a local
pro in real estate.

After our initial talk, we knew he needed imagery for his homes that didn't just document the rooms and offerings of each property, but that wowed possible buyers and made them stop dead in their tracks. We applied our superior style of architectural-based photography to his listings and his ratings, showings and - more importantly - sales increased dramatically. Eric still uses us today for all his listings and has become one of the top leading agents within the area.

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crafting a personal
connection online.


We turned Eric into a brand for himself by creating a higher quality of service he can provide. Now clients feel lucky to use him because the service that comes along with him is top-notch and guarantees a quick and easy process of buying or selling a home. The scary unknown isn't so scary anymore.



the numbers.


To build Eric's reputation within the Lehigh Valley area as one of the most influential and knowledgeable realtors to work with, who provides more than just the standard realty services. With Eric you don't just get an agent, you get an experience you'll never forget.

local growth:


"their photography and design sets my listings apart from every other realtor. The pictures are literally eye candy and greatly improve my activity, which in short enables me to sell homes much faster."

- Eric

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• Building a baseline quality of service that's a full step ahead of competitors.
• Capturing the beauty of properties with a magazine quality that stands far apart from the typical real estate photograph.
• Handcrafting sleek marketing material and printing it on high-quality paper.
• Shooting updated modern and classy head shots that reflect his professionalism and confidence.


• Listings went from 1 showing every 30 days to 30 showings in 30 days.
• Home sale timelines shortened from 3-8 weeks to 1 week or less per home on average.
• More sellers' asking prices were met without negotiation.
• Due to quality images and increased showings, more of Eric's homes entered into bidding wars, increasing profit of overall sales.


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