creative ass-kickers

With decades of combined experience across a variety of marketing and advertising channels, StraightEdge Media is founded on top creative and executional masterminds from traditional to nontraditional backgrounds.

Alex Cook  - Creative Director & Owner

Alex Cook - Creative Director & Owner

Molly Cook  - Co-owner & Marketing

Molly Cook - Co-owner & Marketing

Nick Neubauer  - Graphic Artist

Nick Neubauer - Graphic Artist

Caleb Cawley  - 2nd AC & Set Sound

Caleb Cawley - 2nd AC & Set Sound

Firman Hatibu  - Illustrator (Fine Details)

Firman Hatibu - Illustrator (Fine Details)

Alduane Mano  - Illustrator (Cartoon)

Alduane Mano - Illustrator (Cartoon)

Kim Heller  - Location Scout

Kim Heller - Location Scout

Midas  - Team Encouragement

Midas - Team Encouragement


damn big ideas

10 years ago, StraightEdge was founded on the idea that visuals can alter destinies, cause a ruckus and bring about success. We can talk to televisions, watch live events on our devices and start our cars before we even get out of bed. Let's face it, we are surrounded by big ideas and changes, but one thing we don't want changed is valued customer service. We're big on that one, not only striving to provide sensational service to our clients but vastly exceeding their expectations as well. How? Yup, you guessed it, big ideas.

clear communication

Sometimes the best thing you can possibly do is listen and understand. We take that very literally and make sure that we stop and listen to our clients, their wants and needs, and learn as much as we can about them. Laying down that initial direct line of communication is key to a successful project, and we make sure that happens, whether you're just curious about what we can do for you or already have a gameplan in mind. Either way, we've got your back.

awesome people

We're a bunch of things; crazy, wild, loud, unique thinkers, problem solvers, visual ninjas... Not only have we come together as a team of creatives that can take on the world, but also as fun people who love other people and love making people happy, or simply look at something and say "wow, that is cool". There's no point being good at this type of work if you can't keep a smile on clients' faces, and we work hard to do that. From hand-picked team members and crew to relaxing stress-free work environments, we create a world of greatness within our office that overflows onto our customers. We may be an odd bunch, but we're awesome.

we are local

We're strategically placed near major East Coast metropolitan areas:

WE ARE social

We like to be omnipresent.

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